About Us

Alicia Sable-Hunt

 §   Master of Business Administration
§   Registered Nurse
§   Certified Clinical Research Associate (CCRA)

§    Certified ACRP-Project Manager (ACRP-PM)
§   Founder & President

Ms. Hunt has invested over 20 years working in the fields of nursing and clinical research, specializing in oncology and transplant patient populations. After years of bedside nursing, she transitioned to the management of oncology clinical trials for healthcare institutions. Ms. Hunt’s formal background and experience enabled her to develop the clinical operations of a disease-specific    non-profit, including an oncology clinical trials program and disease-specific biorepository. As founder of the Edwards-Hunt Group, she uses her expertise and network of clinical, laboratory, and technical experts to support each client’s mission.

The Edwards-Hunt Group works from the premise that biospecimen acquisition is the foundation for precision medicine. In an effort to see this model become reality, the Edwards-Hunt Group fully supports pharmaceutical/biotechnology, diagnostic and non-profit organizations developing translational medicine programs in order to drive drug/device development in the direction of their particular disease.

As a registered nurse, Ms. Hunt is an active patient advocate. “I speak on behalf of the patient community with regard to biospecimen acquisition issues,” she explains. “I also work with national organizations to ensure the patient’s intent and sense-of-self is protected throughout the biospecimen acquisition process, including during the collection, transfer, and use of biospecimens, as well as throughout the reporting of research results.” 

As a result of Ms. Hunt’s contributions in the biobanking industry, she has been named FasterCure's Who's Who of Biobanking.