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Remote & Virtual Research


At the Edwards-Hunt Group, we have participated in the clinical trials industry’s evolution from paper-only processes to include digital mediums (such as iPad for consent) to remote trials.  We have been on the edge of this industry trend helping to improve trial efficiency with technology while ensuring Good Clinical Practice is maintained.   Our team has developed processes to support our client’s hybrid and fully-remote clinical trial activities in a manner compliant with US regulations.  We have repeatedly demonstrated our expertise by adding the complexity of biospecimen collection to the virtual research setting which requires an understanding of the participant’s disease and quality of life coupled with the scientific necessity for highly-annotated specimens.  

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Our Expertise

The Edwards-Hunt Group combines experience and knowledge of the healthcare and technology industries with business methodologies to develop and integrate solutions for our clients’ translational medicine programs. We are uniquely positioned to understand our clients’ relationships with their constituents and business partners. Our background enables us to manage programs from concept to completion and navigate partner relations to meet and exceed your business objectives.

Developing Relationships & Building Trust

We employ a thoughtful, efficient approach to achieve maximum results for our clients. Our staff combine strategic development with tactical implementation providing a turn key approach to program development. Through an understanding of our clients’ core values and mission, we effectively implement solutions tailored to achieve our client’s specific goals. Our practice centers on supporting the following:

  • Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Diagnostic Industries
  • Disease Specific Non-Profits
  • Biorepository Industry
  • Biobanking Software Solution Companies 

Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Diagnostic Industries

Edwards-Hunt Group offers to the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies prospective collection of human tissues for research. Our goal is to facilitate the collection, storage and distribution of biospecimens collected under U.S. regulatory standards. Through our expansive, international network, we are able to offer timely collection of high quality, highly annotated biospecimens to accommodate research applications used in the drug discovery and the drug/device development process. We offer contract research organization services including regulatory package development, site identification, study management, data collection and monitoring.  

  • Principal Investigator
  • Regulatory Package Development
  • Site Identification
  • Site Management (Site Qualification through Study Closure Visit)
  • Daily Management of Clinical Trial
  • Monitoring Services (Including Risk-Based Monitoring)
  • Vendor Evaluation (RFP through Contract Execution)

Disease Specific Non-Profits

The Edwards-Hunt Group has successfully collaborated with non-profit organizations to achieve their translational medicine goals by providing a host of services from strategic planning, program development, technology and human resource management.    

  • Strategic Planning. Entering the  translational medicine arena is a complex endeavor, requiring an abundance of scientific and business resources to appropriately drive drug development in a particular disease group. Our staff collaborates with organizations to develop and institute plans up to five years out or less, depending upon the requirements of the organization.  
  • Program Development. Our clients require novel programs to support their scientific and clinical efforts developed in a manner to support their fundraising activities. Our staff performs a gap analysis of the organizations’ programs providing a structured process to program generation, development and implementation. We specialize in managing programs from concept through implementation, providing a turn-key approach and minimizing the impact on limited internal resources. Our background enables us to develop operations and technology programs designed to support clinical trial and tissue banking programs. We do not employ a singular or pre-determined strategy across multiple clients; instead we recognize the individual needs and uniqueness of each disease group developing programs to support specific goals
  • Technology and Human Resource Management. Identifying and implementing the appropriate technology and staff to support your efforts are critical in a time when fewer dollars are available for drug discovery. We are able to analyze our clients’ technology and human resource requirements providing recommendations and managing the vendor selection or recruitment process, until our clients achieve the level of efficiency and expertise necessary to support their programs.

Biorepository Industry

We assist the biorepository industry; whether non-profit or commercial, achieve their objectives by providing a full range of services from strategic development through tactical implementation. Including the following:

  • Business Planning 
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Development - Identifying Potential Collaborators 
  • Program Development and Implementation 
  • Technical Resource Evaluation and Solution Recommendations 
  • Good Clinical Practice and Good Laboratory Practice Expertise

Software Companies with Biobanking Solutions

We believe the efficient implementation of a biobanking technology solution, tailored to meet the end user’s business requirements, is critical to supporting the drug development process. We provide a broad range of services to the technology industry including:

  • Project Management - Our staff has years of project management experience with a proven record of providing high quality customer management while implementing a technology solution within budget and timeline constraints.